The Interactive Course (Live) Great for Beginners.

Our Live Step by Step Interactive course!


What You Will Learn

  • – How To Start A Business For $500

  • – How To Effectively Market Your Services

  • – How To Secure Long Term, High Paying Clients

  • – How To Make $50-$250 per Appointment

  • – How To Become Your Own Boss
  • – The Peace of Mind That You Can Leave Any Job At Any Time & Start This Business

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Personalized Plan

$397/a year

  • Two 60 Minute Live Group Q&A Sessions
  • Detailed Notes
  • 24/7 Video Course Access
  • One Low Monthly Fee
  • Detailed Step-By-Step Action Guide
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  • How To Build A Successful Signing Agency

    $997/a year
    • How To Effectively Market Your Corporation On A National Level
  • How To Develop A Serious Stream of Passive Income
  • How To Run The Business From Wherever You Are In The World
  • How To Secure Long Term, High Paying Clients
  • How To Make Between $50-$200 Net Profit per Appointment
  • How To Be Your Own Boss
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  • The Ambitious Pre-recorded Package

    $497/a year
    Enroll Today!  
    • The Interactive Course Pre-recorded
    • The Masters Class Pre-recorded Sessions
    • Detailed Step-By-Step Action Guide
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  • Refund Policy

    All students are entitled to a full refund (minus the processing fees) if they drop out prior to the first day of class. Cancellations after the start of class will not result in a refund. There are no refunds on pre recorded lectures.

    Hear From Our Recent Graduates!

    Brother Dre,

    I found your course to be insightful and uplifting on multiple fronts. I definitely want to commemorate this experience with an official certificate. You have not heard the last of me, I plan to grow this business and multiple business to create a legacy for me and my family. I will definitely be sending you a testimonial, so we can chop it up one on one.

    Kindest Regards.

    Dwon Toppin
    Brother Andre I Would like to thank you for the notary classes that you hosted. They were insightful but most importantly motivational in the aspect of ownership. I see the confidence that you have while being your own boss. You gave some great information and it was good to see your team helping you during each session..and everybody was black..great unity I must say. Oh yeah….my favorite part was the real life example of class with Ms. Shetina Spooner-England . She was knowledgable and gorgeous. LOL!!! Great class and thanks.
    Keith Bass Jr.
    I just got commissioned! I’m about to order my supplies now!!! Thank you Andre Hatchett for lighting the fire in me to start my own affordable business!
    Steph Nicole
    Just registered my domain name!

    Thanks for the inspiration Andre C. Hatchett!

    Mal Peace
    Excellent class tonight Andre,Marshell and our guest Tina!! I am definitely interested in the middleman course as well. I am always looking to help/invest my own. (Black people)
    M Harden
    Andre…. Wow, I’m blown away. You, Marshell and Tina out the ball park. I love your style, we feel comfortable and safe… best teacher award.
    Indira DeJar
    Thank you Andre Hatchett for giving me the platform to discuss my experience as a Mobile Notary. It felt great and made me remember where I came from lol. Thanks for the walk down memory lane and reminding me why I do what I do. Keep inspiring and keep the movement going. Be blessed.
    Tina England
    Beautiful school you have andre learned a lot and I by seeing your progress makes me want to excel as a business owner and also empower others to do the same.
    Kurvin Belle
    I swear @AndreCHatchett class has me so freaking happy!! The best thing I’ve ever invested in! I can not wait to get started! Love you man
    Andre’s Notary School saved my life! I didn’t tell anyone, but the day I decided to join the course was the day that I was laid off from my job. I was devastated, but I knew what I had in front of me plus I already started my journey as a Notary Public months ago. The job was just in the way so they pretty much did me a favor. I told my parents what I was doing and at first they were hesitant and wanted me to stay “safe” but then I showed them all of the notes I took from the course and they are impressed. They have my back 100%. Now I must continue to build for my future and move forward. Thank you brother Dre, Tina, and Marshell for everything!
    J. Coby
    Brother Dre! Job well done! Your classes were very informative and inspiring. There is nothing like being your own boss. I’d like to thank you and Marshell for the encouragement, support and push to get out there and just do it. Keep up the great work and sharing the knowledge. Thank You!
    Kenneth Wesley